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We have a lot of online sites to publish the requirements, but will that be enough? Those people will actually have no interest in sharing the news that your home is for sale, even if you have a broad personal or professional network. You may not have a relationship or property with clients, brokers, or real estate agents to draw the greatest pool of prospective buyers to your home. A smaller pool of potential buyers means less competition in your house, which would result in waiting longer to sell your home and potentially not getting as much money as your home is worth. A good real estate agent has a directory of potential customers so that he or she can quickly spread the word about the property you've just listed.


Many people do not like the concept of arranging a real estate contract with an agent and feel that direct negotiations between buyers and sellers are more transparent and encourage the parties to take better care of their own best interests. This is certainly true-assuming that both the buyer and the seller in the deal are fair people who can get along.

An agent will help by chatting to you about tough deals and smoothing them out to prevent them from being too personal. This could place you in a great position to get the house you love. The same happens to the seller, who will profit from a tricky real estate agent who can serve their needs without putting off prospective customers who want to skip the price.


If you're trying to purchase a house, a real estate agent can hunt down homes that suit the standards, keep in touch with sales agents, and make arrangements to see your home. If you shop yourself, you're going to have to play this hardball on your own. This can be particularly complicated if you're looking for homes for sale by the purchaser.

In the same way, if you're trying to sell your house yourself, you're going to have to make calls from interested parties, answer inquiries and make appointments. Bear in mind that prospective customers are likely to step on if you appear to be distracted or if you don't respond fast enough. Alternatively, you may find yourself scheduling an appointment and running home only to find that no one shows up.

In addition, the process of concluding real estate transactions requires exhaustive documentation. This includes tricky contract papers, offers, proposals and counter-offers, negotiation statements, federal and state-mandated disclosures, and more. Most home buyers and sellers are surprised at the vast amount of paperwork they need to deal with as they close a deal. You can make it a lot better on yourself by finding a real estate agent who knows how to do everything, making the process more convenient, and making sure nothing goes between the lines.


Real Estate Agents understand the market value better. Although everyone can spend a few minutes online to hear about home prices, real estate agents have the knowledge of understanding whether a single house is overpriced or under priced. In the best-case situation, an agent is going to have such a clear sense of what you're looking for that she won't spend the time touring houses that won't work.


Well okay, they do! However, because they are licensed physicians, there are more penalties if they do so than with a private buyer or seller. If you work with a licensed real estate agent in an agency contract, the agent will be bound by common law to a partnership of confidence. In other words, an agent is required by the license law to operate in the best interests of its clients.

The Bottom Line

When you buy or sell a home, the agent is your ally. If you will see, there are many advantages to employing a real estate agent. Bear in mind that agents and realtors rely on referrals to help their company expand. This ensures that they will make every effort to guarantee that you are pleased and fulfilled with their service so that you can recommend it to your friends and family. In addition, the agent you employ will be there for a long time and will be there for you when you need to sell or purchase another house. This is a bonus advantage and another explanation of why you need a real estate agent.

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